Villa Imperina Spa: the two novelties of reiki and crystal therapy

At Villa Imperina's spa you can enjoy 2 exclusive energy treatments that promote global wellness: reiki and crystal therapy.

The spa of the Hotel Villa Imperina in Agordo is the ideal location to enjoy the best possible relaxation, during days of vacation that restore both body and spirit. Spending a few days in our hotel in the Dolomites is also good for the physical aspect, allowing you to regain your lost shape.

Villa Imperina Spa: reiki energy treatments

Reiki is based on the concept of human well-being related to chackra, which are the energy centers that, working properly, allow us to feel good. The massage allows to clean and free these centers, so that the energy balance can be restored.

The origins of reiki are very ancient, a method that was rediscovered in Japan in the 1800s. The organs are regenerated thanks to pure energy, which removes anxieties and allows thinking to become clear again.

Reiki is energy

Reiki is, in fact, a term of Japanese origin: Rei is the energy that moves towards life, corresponding to God according to Western culture, Ki, however, stands for the life force that animates living creatures, and is what moves those who engage in martial arts. Well, from the fusion of Rei and Ki arises precisely the reiki energy.

Wellness and balance of energies

Those who visit the Villa Imperina spa have the opportunity to enjoy massages by an expert operator, able to give well-being and balance energies with just the touch of his hands.

The life force flows smoothly in an individual who has no energy blocks; however, it can be hindered due to internal or external agents, in many cases of an emotional nature.

In the moment in which this energetic imbalance should be prolonged over time, one can undergo a process of somatization from which physical tensions can arise.

Relax globale


Il reiki si propone come una tecnica di lotta allo stress molto efficace, per un rilassamento globale che deriva dall’energia universale: quella, cioè, che definisce l’universo e rappresenta al tempo stesso la base sia degli esseri viventi che della realtà inanimata da cui siamo circondati.

Crystal therapy

Like reiki, crystal therapy also contributes to the expulsion of energy blocks. It involves the use of minerals and stones through which the energy field can be compensated. Crystal therapy is a discipline that has its roots in ancient times: it can be used to combat insomnia, states of anxiety and stress in general. The way in which crystals absorb and release energy varies according to their chemical composition, color and shape. That's why each stone boasts unique peculiarities.

Very precious stones...

Sanded after being carefully cut, the crystals are placed in specific areas of the body and left in place for as long as it takes for them to act.

Many different stones can be used for crystal therapy, including tiger's eye, obsidian, lapis lazuli, olivine and malachite: each works on different chakras.

In each case, however, you reach the same goal, which is to relieve muscle tension and give serenity. Already the Maya and even before the Egyptians used to use crystals to improve their daily life.

Would you like to know more about these two treatments? Contact Villa Imperina, and you'll get all the information you need!


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