The Moon Garden

Outdoor swimming pool in the Dolomites : The Moon Garden.

The air that warms up and smells of summer, the sun that kisses your skin, the pleasure of lying on the bed and devote yourself to the tan, while a gentle breeze blows and cradles us relieving the heat, and then cool off with a pleasant swim in the water of the Dolomites blue outdoor pool of Villa Imperina, surrounded by the green of a secular park. What more could you wish for? The Garden of the Moon, thanks to the beauty of the lush surrounding nature that enhances the blue water, is the newest location inside Villa Imperina in Agordo.

Outdoor swimming pool Dolomites: a proposal for all tastes

For our new outdoor swimming pool in the Dolomites, we thought of a fascinating and evocative name that encapsulates the essence: The Garden of the Moon.

It will not be a simple pool, but a location that will meet the needs of everyone.

A meeting place for those who want to enjoy the beauty and nature of the Dolomites while relaxing in a suggestive and stimulating context.

In addition to being the ideal place for a day in the sun and surrounded by greenery, therefore, our outdoor pool is also the right place to organize super-trendy Dolomiti events!

What are you waiting for to discover this magical place? Contact us now and we will give you all the details!

Where we are

Via Pragrande, 5
32021 Agordo (BL)
T: +39 0437 62046
F: +39 0437 640306
M: +39 366 4175995

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