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What to Do in the Mountains in Summer?

For your holidays in the mountains in Summer we suggest exploring Agordo and its surroundings hiking through paths with different duration and difficulty levels. Some of them are also suitable for children.

Our hotel in Agordo is the ideal solution for those who want to spend a relaxing stay in contact with the nature.


What to do in the mountains in summer? There are many options. For climbing lovers Agordo is surely the ideal destination since it has a long story of alpinism. There are both climbing gyms for beginners and real peaks to climb for the most expert and brave climbers. 

In the town there is also an artificial indoor rock-climbing gym where to gain experience and keep yourself trained in case of bad weather or simply try climbing in a safe and controlled environment before getting into real rock climbing.



There is plenty of choices also for those who love open-air excursions but not climbing, as it is possible to choose the difficulty level of the trekking paths. Even taking part in the easiest excursions, suitable also for children, allows you to admire the beauty of the landscape with its lakes and lush woods. You will also have the chance to explore the old paths followed by miners, which lead to the copper and silver mines of the Imperina Valley. They have been completely restored and now have become an interesting and original place to visit.


Mountain biking is a sport growing up recently. If you want to explore the Agordino territory in safety, meet an expert and certified guide who will show you around. New bikes and mountain bikes can be hired directly in our hotel.

Here is a list of our (pay) services:

  • Mountain bike hire

  • E-bike hire

  • Recharging column for electric cars

Collaboration with DOLOMITIBEAT

Thanks to our collaboration with DOLOMITIBEAT our Guests can get special discounts. This group of mountain guides of the Collegio Guide Alpine Veneto organizes excursions for families, groups and corporates.  

“We will lead you to discover the Soul of the Dolomites, seen from the most suggestive and less known tracks. Let’s build together the most suitable excursion for you based on the experience you want to live and your physical preparation”. 

Taken from their internet site (www.dolomitibeat.it)

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