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Agordo and the Surroundings What Offers the Territory
Agordo and the Surroundings What Offers the Territory
Agordo and the Surroundings What Offers the Territory

Agordo and its Surroundings

What to Do in The Dolomites

What to Do in Agordo and in Its Surroundings 

If you are wondering what to do in Agordo and in the surroundings you must know that this mountain resort offers you, even in summer, plenty of choice for a stay in the name of outdoor activities and relaxation.

Agordo is nestled in the so-called “Pale Mountains” (Italian Monti Pallidi), the Dolomites of Belluno, which are considered by UNESCO part of the natural heritage of outstanding value to humanity. These stately and suggestive Dolomite peaks make the town of Agordo a unique destination for your holidays in the mountains.

From our Villa in Agordo you can enjoy an unparalleled view of the Dolomites, with wonderful colors at any time of the day, especially at dawn and at the sunset, when the sun tinges the sky in the most beautiful shades; there, where the ridges of the mountains draw the sky.

Moreover, Agordo is an ecological town. It also boasts a high air and water quality due to a small number of people living here. For this reason, it is the ideal place for those who want to spend a holiday immersed in the lush, unspoiled nature and enjoy long walks and bike racings in a unique environment with a breathtaking view of the mountains.

In all seasons the town and the surroundings of Agordo give you the chance to do lots of sports like trekking through paths with different difficulty levels, mountain bike racings and ski touring. In all periods of the year you can enjoy lots of activities in a fabulous environment of really original and unforgettable colors, scents and flavors.

Agordo is a perfect place even just to relax, enjoy the well-being treatments offered by our hotel, swim or have yourself pampered by a hydromassage in the open air, admiring the nature around you.

In short, if you wish to spend a holiday immersed in the nature to enjoy exciting experiences, you have made the right choice. Now you know what to do to live these enchanting places fully.

A Holiday to Discover the Dolomites

What to See in Agordo and in the Surrounding Areas

A Little Bit of Geography…


Hotel Villa Imperina is situated in Agordo, a suggestive tourist resort about 30 km from Belluno. It is immersed in the green of a lush and still unspoiled nature, today part of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park. The Agordino Valley is surrounded by a ring of mountains which have made the story of the alpinism in the Dolomites: The Agnèr, the Pale di San Lucano, the chain of the Tame-S, the Moiazza, and northern, the Civetta and the Marmolata, the queen of the Pale Mountains.

According to the legend, this is how these peaks are called. Since the 19th century, thanks to their supreme beauty, they have been the destination of climbers and mountain lovers from all over the world. Just think that the Italian Alpine Club (CAI, Club Alpino Italiano), founded in 1868, is the fourth Alpine association in Italy and the first of the Eastern Alps.

A Little Bit of History…


Hotel Villa Imperina itself has something to tell since its name is bound to the story of the valley. The most important cupriferous pyrite mine (iron and copper sulphide) of the Veneto region was found in the Imperina Valley. This metal, used by the mint to mint coins and in arsenals to make bronze guns, had been mined in this area until 1962. Today the mine does not operate anymore but it is an extraordinary place to visit on a guided tour, to discover the activities that took place inside.

A Little Bit of Culture…


The Istituto Tecnico Industriale Minerario “U. Follador” is also bound to the mining story of Agordo. It was founded by Quintino Sella in 1867 to train the technicians to involve in mining activities and metal working. In this institute it is possible to visit the Agordino Mineralogical and Paleontological Museum (Italian: Museo Mineralogico e Paleontologico) which keeps more than 5000 samples of ores, rocks, fossils and archeological finds. 

The Museum of Optics and Glasses (Italian: Museo dell’ottica e dell’occhiale) in Palazzo Crotta is also important and worth visiting (reservation required). A collection of more than 1200 eyewear items displayed in the gallery tells the story of Luxottica from its foundation by Leonardo Del Vecchio in 1961 to its growth all over the world. 

“The mountain gives us the frame… It is our turn to create a story”

(Nicolas Helmbacher)

Mountains are places where God shows to be a greater sculptor than Michelangelo (Anonymous)
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